Dear Colleagues, Partners and Friends!

We are pleased to greet you at our website. On the behalf of our team we would like to present to you TechnoLeasing LLC. Leasing is a new financial instrument in Kazakhstan. TechnoLeasing LLC has been working at Kazakhstan leasing market since 2010 and today it has become one of the leading leasing companies in the country.

Today, our customers consist of leading companies in agriculture, road construction and transport sectors.

The company is growing at a solid pace. We are ready to offer to our customers the most attractive financial solutions. Our lease management professionals have years of experience creating and then executing comprehensive business plans to meet each customer's specific needs. Employees of the company appreciate the faith and trust our customers and business partners place in us. Treating customers fairly is a culture which is not only essential to carrying out our day to day operations but is a principle we value and consider in order to satisfy customers’ expectations.

We would like to thank all of our customers and business partners for long-term collaboration. Providing high quality services and encapsulating the customer-centric approach we hope to achieve a mutually-beneficial cooperation and common development.

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